At the intersection of yoga and Ayurveda, yoga transforms from exercise to true healing medicine. Yoga stops being a work-out and becomes a work-in.

When we practice yoga through the lens of Ayurveda, we know that not all styles of yoga are created equally, that some will bring us closer to harmony and perfect health, and some will actually move us farther away. We can emphasize certain types of poses and skip others, armed with the knowledge of what we really need at that particular moment. We know when to sweat it out and when to back off.

Just like your diet or lifestyle choices, yoga affects your overall health. Let’s make sure your yoga practice (or lack thereof ☺) is taking you where you want to go. Beginners especially welcomed...and we are all beginners.  


Yoga is a light, which once lit can never fade out. The more you practice, the brighter the flame that burns within you.


Yoga Classes are available in conjunction with your Ayurvedic services, or as a stand alone practice. Thunderbolt Ayurveda offers private, duet and group sessions at the Luma Center in Petaluma, CA. All levels of practice are encouraged, welcomed, and respected.

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