Thunderbolt Ayurveda Signature Tinctures

  • Fast-acting remedies

  • Provides instant and cumulative relief

  • Internal use

Calm Down Tincture

Valerian, milky oats and skullcap immediately calm feelings of anxiety and restlessness.

$5.00 - $22.00

Cramps Tincture

Warming Cinnamon, relaxing Valerian, and effective Cramp Bark to relieve feelings of discomfort during moon cycle.

$5.00 - $22.00

Digest Tincture

Ginger to spark your appetite before a meal and Coriander and Fennel to ease post-meal experiences.

$5.00 - $22.00

Sugar Buster Tincture

Cleanse and regulate metabolism while reducing sugar cravings.

$5.00 - $22.00

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