I feel so in tune with my body, my flow, my brain, and my health

"Back in March 2020, just barely before COVID hit us, I decided to get more in tune with my body and figure out why I was feeling so awful. In tandem with quitting hormonal birth control, I contacted Leah to start my Ayurvedic journey. My mood swings were unpredictable and straining my relationships. My digestive system was completely out of whack and I needed a way to get everything back in balance. Working with Leah has brought so many new wonderful habits into my day to day and the lightbulb (ah ha!) moments just keep coming! I only wish I had tapped into this healing magic sooner. I feel so in tune with my body, my flow, my brain, and my health. Leah has gently and expertly helped me navigate my new experience with this ancient healing practice. She provides wonderful support and never hesitates to get back to me with questions or topics she needs to dig deeper on. She is such a warm and genuine practitioner who truly cares about her clients."

Kayla Baron

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