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I feel my best, most authentic self thanks to her supportive presence

"Having Leah as an Ayurvedic Health Coach has been an absolute blessing. She is attentive, thorough, and eager to create a community in which everyone has the opportunity to shine; I feel my best, most authentic self thanks to her supportive presence. Leah demonstrates patience and compassion through gentle encouragement, allowing small changes to make my integration process smooth. This experience has shifted both my view on personal health and the lifestyle I intend to lead. In the time we’ve worked together I’ve grown from a space of self doubt, anxiety, and overwhelming indecision to a space of inspiration — I feel confident taking risks with my education and pioneering in areas that before felt like intimidating personal development paths. Leah’s helped me achieve an understanding that regardless of how the process looks, I know I’m headed towards my desired destination. High recommendation of her guidance is an understatement: she is an irreplaceable resource, and makes you feel truly seen. Supporting myself through supporting her has been the best self care I could have asked for.”


Petaluma, CA


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