The Butterfly; motion & space

Vata dosha rules motion and space in the body and mind, so individuals high in Vata tend to be flighty, easily distracted, highly intuitive and creative thinkers. With all this movement, their mind tends to race towards anxiety, which keeps them from sleeping well at night. And it also dries out their skin and insides, making them prone to wrinkles, constipation and gas.

Body Type

  • Oval face
  • Small, unfocused eyes
  • Thin lips
  • Long neck
  • Narrow bones
  • Dry skin

In Balance, Vata dosha is...

  • Extremely creative
  • Vivacious and enthusiastic
  • Able to focus and sustain energy well

Out of Balance, Vata dosha is...

  • Fearful, restless and nervous
  • Irregular and unstructured
  • Exhausted and depleted

Bring balance to Vata dosha...

  • Eat your meals at the same time every day
  • Make sure your meals are warm, nourishing and well-spiced
  • Avoid cold beverages and sip warm tea throughout the day instead
  • Practice daily abhyanga [self-massage] with a grounding body oil
  • Use calming and grounding supplements, like our Calm Tincture
  • Take in relaxing and earthy aromas, like Cedar, Forest blend, Dream blend, and Vetiver
  • Walk and drive more slowly
  • Listen to smooth, evenly paced music, like kirtan or reggae
  • Cultivate faith

Thunderbolt Recommends for Vata