Body Type

  • Square face
  • Medium-sized, intense, focused eyes
  • Medium bones, not narrow or wide
  • Lean with good muscle tone
  • Red, irritated skin and/or freckles

In Balance, Pitta dosha is...

  • Joyous and hilarious
  • Compassionate
  • Sustainably efficient

Out of Balance, Pitta dosha is...

  • Physically and mentally inflamed
  • Quick to speak and react harshly
  • Burnt out from their own intensity

Bring balance to Pitta dosha...

  • Adopt a more chillaxed pace in all areas of life
  • Eat three solid, good-sized meals every day
  • Drink cooling teas throughout the day
  • Massage your skin with Brahmi Coconut Oil, Neem Oil, or our Maxin' and Relaxin' Body Oil to cool and soothe skin
  • Use soft and calming essential oils, like Ylang Ylang and Sweet Fennel in daily massage and in your diffuser
  • Practice regular moderate exercise
  • Cultivate compassion and non-judgment

The Dragon; transformation


Pitta dosha, made up predominantly of the Fire element (with just a touch of water), rules digestion and transformation. Individuals high in Pitta dosha digest not only food quickly, but also information and experiences. This strong fire makes individuals high in Pitta dosha courageous and ambitious, but can also lead to inflammation, especially in their skin and eyes.

Thunderbolt Recommends for Pitta