The Tortoise; stable & smooth


Kapha dosha, ruled by the concept of stability, is most well-known for its heavy and dense qualities. It is made up of the elements Earth and Water and manifests in our bones and muscles. Individuals high in Kapha dosha tend to have wider bones, luxurious features and smooth, lustrous skin. All that earth and water, however, can also make our Kapha friends stagnant, with slow digestions, excess weight, and stubborn personalities.

Body Type

  • Round face
  • Large, gentle moist eyes
  • Thick lips
  • Wide bones
  • Fleshier body
  • Smooth, lustrous skin

In Balance, Kapha dosha is...

  • Unconditionally loving and open-hearted
  • Calm, steady and graceful
  • Flexible

Out of Balance, Kapha dosha is...

  • Attached to relationships and material items
  • Overflowing with abundant mucus
  • Static and immobile

Bring balance to Kapha dosha...

  • Get out of bed early and often
  • Perform vigorous exercise daily
  • Tongue scrape every morning to detoxify your body
  • Use a dry body brush and massage your skin with our All Clear body oil to get an energizing start to the day
  • Put uplifting, citrus-forward or warming essential oils, like Grapefruit, Lemon and Bergamot in your diffuser
  • Do not oversleep or take naps during the day
  • Emphasize uplifting colors like lemon yellow, pure white, and gold in your home
  • Practice letting go

Thunderbolt Recommends for Kapha