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Don't know your dosha?


Vata dosha rules motion and space in the body and mind, so individuals high in Vata tend to be flighty, easily distracted, highly intuitive and creative thinkers. With all this movement, their mind tends to race towards anxiety, which keeps them from sleeping well at night. And it also dries out their skin and insides, making them prone to wrinkles, constipation and gas.


Pitta dosha, made up predominantly of the Fire element (with just a touch of water), rules digestion and transformation. Individuals high in Pitta dosha digest not only food quickly, but also information and experiences. This strong fire makes individuals high in Pitta dosha courageous and ambitious, but can also lead to inflammation, especially in their skin and eyes.


Kapha dosha, ruled by the concept of stability, is most well-known for its heavy and dense qualities. It is made up of the elements Earth and Water and manifests in our bones and muscles. Individuals high in Kapha dosha tend to have wider bones, luxurious features and smooth, lustrous skin. All that earth and water, however, can also make our Kapha friends stagnant, with slow digestions, excess weight, and stubborn personalities.

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