Shakti (Divine Feminine)

Shakti (Divine Feminine)

Celebrate the Divine Feminine ~ this mandala expresses strength in both softness and boldness. Overlapping golden spirals create circles of petals radiating out, from the softest of pale pinks to bold, vibrant shades of pink, all encircled within a sacred crimson red band and adorned in gold and purple lotus petals. This is an expression of the Divine Feminine shining forth in her glory, radiance and grace. Use this mandala to promote your own personal expression of the Divine Feminine!
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Doshic Information: Warming, Soft, Gentle, Active

Card Information:

  • 5" X 5" Mandala card
  • Printed on acid-free archival bond paper from hand-painted original
  • Hand embellished with 'Sparkle Magic' 
  • Shipped in an individual plastic sleeve for protection
  • Unframed