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Ayurvedic Wisdom for Cedar Essential Oil: According to Ayurveda, Cedar essential oil balances Vata and Kapha dosha. Its woodsy properties act as a calmative to the anxious Vata mind. It is particularly appropriate for Kapha dosha, due to its affinity for the respiratory system and its deep support of clarifying breath.

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Botanical Name: Cedrus deodara
Family: Pinaceae
Composition: 100% Pure Cedar Essential Oil
Origin: India
Method of Extraction: Steam Distillation
Cultivation/Harvesting: Wild-harvested
Plant Part: Wood pulp
Color: Yellow to amber
Consistency: Mobile
Yield: 4.5%
Bottle Size: 1/2oz (15mL) - About 300 drops
1/4 Dram (1mL) About 20 drops

About Cedar Essential Oil: A symbol of strength, wisdom and abundance, this rich and warmly soft species of cedar is used traditionally in Ayurvedic and Tibetan medicines as an incense ingredient to aid in meditation. Himalayan cedar boasts a rare and powerful combination of qualities that are stimulating to the body but calming to the mind. Himalayan cedar is widely known for its soothing qualities to sore bodies and breath. This woody, delicious oil is a true tree nectar.

Compared with some essential oils, cedarwood has a relatively simple chemical profile, though it has a high percentage of aromatic compounds. As a tonic and calmative to the mind and emotions, it is useful in assisting with the anxious tension created out of our modern non-stop lifestyle when diffused or used in direct palm inhalation. Renowned for its calming and grounding properties, especially during stressful transitions, it promotes emotional equilibrium.

Cedar trees can live to be 1,000-2,000 years old and in their lifetime they have exchanged plenty of “breath.” Cedar is one of our favorite oils used to soothe the lungs during periods of stress and discomfort during the challenging winter months. When you or your children are in need of such relief, combine cedar in your diffuser with some Eucalyptus and Lavender.

Cedar, in its strength and longevity, has long been used to support courageous action, spiritual connection, keen insight and sound judgment. Cedar also has an affinity for both the hair and skin, where it helps to remove lodged toxins and add luster.

How to Use Cedar Essential Oil

Diffuser: This nectar of the trees can promote an alert and productive work environment or meditation space. Cedar is known for inspiring optimism and clarity. Add several drops to your diffuser along with Lemon and Lavender to create an aromatically pleasing and effective blend.

Direct Palm Inhalation: Place a drop of this centering oil in the palm of your hand, gently rub the palms together, bring them towards your face and take a deep inhalation. Repeat at any point in your day when you would like to feel grounded and connected.

Other Ways To Use Cedar Essential Oil:

• Add several drops to ½ oz Coconut oil, massaging into hair and scalp to relieve dry, itching scalp and nourish hair.

• Add two drops Cedar oil to ½ oz witch hazel and apply with a cotton ball to reddened, upset skin or anywhere you may have an old or stubborn skin impurity.

PRECAUTIONS: Non-toxic, non-irritant and non-sensitizing. Avoid use during pregnancy and with children under 6 years. Do not take cedarwood essential oil internally.Please Note: Our testers are a ¼ filled dram bottle (0.95 mL). Because our testers are a sample size, we cannot accept any returns, refunds or exchanges unless the product is damaged in shipping.