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Good morning, sunshine! Like a refreshing and delightful ray of light through your kitchen window, illuminating a bright vase of yellow daisies, this oil makes every morning into a cheerful and exciting fresh start. We love it for the gloomy and cold months, when we need to shake off those winter blues, or when the world has us a little bit down and we need some extra pep in our step. Onwards and upwards, my comrades.

* 4oz & 8oz bottles include pump top

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Ingredients: Sunflower oil*, grapefruit essential oil*, lemon essential oil*, wild agonis essential oil**

*Certified Organic ingredient
**Wild harvested

Directions for use: Apply to entire body before or after your shower to shake off the cobwebs. Bright, light, and refreshing. Just like you, sunshine.

PRECAUTIONS: For external use only. If pregnant, nursing, or on any medications, consult your healthcare practitioner prior to use. The citrus oils in this body oil are in a base oil of sunflower oil in a safe proportion for exposure to the sun. Being members of the citrus family, grapefruit and lemon may be photo-toxic if applied directly to the skin. For extra safety, do not use this oil before intense, direct sun exposure. Discontinue use if any unusual symptoms occur. Keep out of the reach of children. Namaste.