Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation


Your journey to balance begins with your Initial Consultation, which includes:

  • A deeply thorough health history, including past digestive and elimination patterns, reactions to stress, as well as past diseases, so I understand where you have been
  • Detailed discussions of your current challenges and habits, from your daily breakfast to your spiritual life to current disease manifestations,  and a physical examination of your tongue and pulses, so I understand where you are now

  • Intention-setting around your Ayurvedic goals so I know where you want to go

This package also includes your Report of Findings appointment the following week, where you will receive:

  • Your specific, unique doshic constitution so you can better understand who you are

  • An assessment of how and which doshas are out of balance so that you better understand where you are now

  • An introduction to your integrated and comprehensive program, including dietary recommendations, lifestyle adjustments, and herbal medicines, which compromise  the work that we will be doing over the course of your entire journey, so that you know how to get where you want to go…and then we get you there together!

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