From an Ayurvedic perspective, Palo Santo Oil will alleviate problems caused by Vata and Kapha doshas. It also has beneficial uses to alleviate Pitta dosha in certain circumstances. To balance Vata, Palo Santo oil assists in slowing down the overly active mind, supporting tranquility and peacefulness. To balance Kapha, Palo Santo oil helps to lighten tendencies of sluggishness, complacency, and melancholy. It is uplifting and supports heightened energy (prana) in the body. When Pitta dosha infiltrates the joints and muscles, causing pain and tension, Palo Santo oil can be a healing gem. Perhaps most importantly, Palo Santo oil is primarily sattvic. Therefore, when used regularly, it purifies the channels of the mind and elevates the spirit.

Palo Santo Essential Oil

  • VK- Reduces Vata and Kapha

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