Mary-Alice Quinn | How to Work Herbs for Real Clinical Results Part II

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    Original Meeting Date:
    November 4, 2019


    I’ve been there. You have a client that needs your guidance. You’ve heard of, dabbled in, and/or studied herbs at length. You have complete faith in their healing potential and believe without a doubt that herbs work…but you also have yet to see consistent and totally effective results when you use them. You feel confused, frustrated and begin to lose confidence.


    I’m here to help. My name is Mary-Alice Quinn and for over 15 years in clinical practice I have been studying, using, and teaching others how, when, and why to rely on herbal medicine.


    Herbs really do work, but you have to know how to work herbs if you want results for yourself and your clients. 


    Join me and dive into all the ‘Divine’ details, like formulating, dosing, timing, and preparations, to elevate and refine your use of herbs so that they can fulfill their destiny, and you can fulfill yours!


    Submit your questions, concerns, and cases. Together we will experience, without a doubt, that herbs really truly do work. 

    • Receive clinically applicable herbal guidelines for formulating, dosing and managing herbal medicines
    • Get clear on what you can realistically expect from your herbs, and the most effective forms to use them in
    • Learn how and when to apply both short and long-term formations 
    • Study real-life cases from practitioners just like you, and walk away better able to serve your clients and yourself!


    This course is approved for PACE credits through NAMA.

  • Mary-Alice Quinn, AD, C.A.S., is a NAMA board recognized Ayurvedic Doctor, certified Ayurvedic Practitioner and Clinical Herbalist serving clients since 2004.


    She serves as a senior instructor for several professional Ayurvedic and herbal training programs, supporting generations of current and future practitioners with her practical, compassionate and light-hearted teaching style.  


    Her clinical practice is focused on the application of herbal medicine, nutrition and lifestyle practices, along with subtle therapies and the Vedic arts for both the healing and prevention of disease.  Mary-Alice’s private practice serves clients both nationally and internationally through one-on-one, couple and group work, as well as remote video consultations, where she empowers her clients to cultivate and maintain healthy, satisfying and balanced lives.  


    You can find her online at

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