A powerful liver support, the bitter and pungent kutki herb is revered in Ayurveda for its balancing effect on the liver and gallbladder. Unfortunately, over-harvesting of this plant has led to its classification as endangered. Banyan worked for seven years to promote a sustainable source of kutki and has succeeded wildly. The kutki in this tincture is CITES (Convention on International Trade  in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) certified, indicating that it has been grown and harvested in a sustainable way. It’s an amazing blessing that we continue to benefit from this plant’s ability to support bile production in the body, reduce Pitta and Kapha, support the spleen and balance the immune system.

Kutki Tincture

  • Kutki root (Picrorhiza kurroa)+.

    +Cites Certified

    Other ingredients, from natural sources: organic non-gmo/gluten-free Grain Alcohol (45-55%), Deionized Water.

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