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How are herbal medicines made?

Once the herbs are processed they are turned into various forms of medicine which can be administered in a multitude of ways.


Get to know some of Thunderbolt’s favorite herbs


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(latin) Evolvulus alsinoides-Folium
(sanskrit) sankhapuspi

Shankhapushpi is a classic and auspicious Ayurvedic herb used to effectively calm the nervous system, among other things. It works directly on the nervous system tissue, addressing pain, anxiety, insomnia, ADHD, emotional exhaustion and epilepsy. It also stimulates our higher cerebral functions, improving intelligence and creativity.

Ayurveda - Herbology - Cumin

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(latin) Cuminum cyminum-Semen
(sanskrit) Jiraka

Cumin is one of Thunderbolt Ayurveda’s absolute favorite herbs. There is no better medicine for a sluggish digestion accompanied by gurgling, bloating, and / or nausea. When used appropriately, it enkindles healthy digestive fire without aggravating hyperacidity or inflammation, making it a perfect choice for a digestive system plagued by excess fluid or “toxins.” 

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(latin) Rosa centifolia/damascena-Flos
(Sanskrit) Sata-patri

This beautiful flower is not just for lovers externally, it also has an affinity for the heart (nerves and blood) internally. Its cooling effect treats agitation and headaches, while its nourishing aspects make it useful medicine for anxiety and nervous depression. Rose carries an astringent property that stops bleeding, making it especially effective in excessive menstrual bleeding and inflammation. We <3 Rose. 


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(latin) Withania somnifera-Radix
(Sanskrit) asva-gandha

One of the most famous and revered Ayurvedic herbs, and for good reason, Ashwagandha is a sedative and a nervous system tonic all in one. You know how when you are especially exhausted and depleted, you can behave almost manically hyper and energized? This is the herb that strengthens your exhausted nervous system while simultaneously calming you down. It’s also pretty well known for its impact on sexual stamina; it’s said to impart the sexual stamina of a horse. Just in case that sort of thing interests you.

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(latin) Asphaltum
(sanskrit) sila-jit

Technically not a plant, Shilajit is a mineral pitch from the rocks of the Himalayas and other mountainous regions and one of the wonder medicines of Ayurveda. It possesses curative powers capable of treating many, many diseases, especially those associated with old age. It is of particular importance to the kidney, urinary, and reproductive systems and thus excellent for diabetes, obesity, edema, kidney stones, and menstrual disorders. Truly a unique and magical medicine.

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(latin) Boswellia serrata-Resina
(Sanskrit) Sallaki, Kapitthaparni, Konkanadhupa

Most famous for its use as an incense in religious ceremonies, Frankincense offers a boatload of promising medicinal uses, too. It is one of the best pain relievers, particularly for arthritic pain or trauma recovery where there is inflammation. It clears toxic congestion and stagnation from joints and tissues, making it an excellent choice for the treatment of RA, asthma, colitis, fibroids, painful menstrual cycles, and impotence. And the essential oil expands consciousness, opening the third eye chakra and opening the mind.



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