Herbalist California

Herbalist California

Herbalist California - Custom Formulas

As an herbalist California specializing in Ayurvedic herbs, Leah has extensive knowledge of which medicines are best for her private clients and she designs custom formulas for them. These formulas range from custom designed capsules made using all organic herbs in vegetarian capsules to 100% organic teas and blended tinctures. Book your consultation today.

Herbalist California - Apothecary

Visit our Herbalist California Apothecary for the best products from the best Ayurvedic brands around. Our Herbalist California Apothecary carries our favorite products from established and well-known brands like the Ayurvedic Institute and Banyan Botanicals, as well as smaller, BIPOC and womxn-owned brands that align with Ayurvedic values. Shop our Herbalist California Apothecary now. 

Herbalist California - Consultations

As part of her role as an Ayurvedic practitioner and Herbalist California, Leah meets one-on-one with clients all over the country and world to guide them in incorporating the powerful tools of Ayurveda into their lives. Each person’s journey is unique and specific to them. But everyone, no matter where they begin, can benefit from Ayurveda. Connect with Leah to see how she can help. 


Ayurveda uses a variety of amazing therapies to help you, such as...


Constitutionally and seasonally appropriate foods, healthy eating guidelines, food combinations



Create beautiful and truly nourishing self-care rituals in the morning and evening, hold space for relaxation, establish routines around eating and mealtimes, develop regular cleansing practices

Herbalist California

Capsules, churnas, teas, tinctures, medicated ghees and oils



Learn how to begin and stick with a meditation practice that suits your needs and serves you well



Elevate your current asana practice (or get one started!) to prevent and address not only physical pain, but imbalances in your mind and spirit as well

Sense Therapies


You are not only what you eat, but what you see, hear, touch, and smell. Learn to use your senses to bring you towards balance and health

California Herbalist


Brain B.
Chicago, IL


Working with Leah has changed my life

Kayla B.

Napa, CA


I feel so in tune with my body, my flow, my brain, and my health


Murfreesboro, TN


Leah knows exactly how to meet her clients at each point in their journey