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I am not a practitioner. Is this forum appropriate for me? 
This group is geared towards practitioners currently in practice, however, you might find there are topics that apply to you personally, in which case you are welcome to join in. Just be aware that we won’t be covering more basic, introductory info. Practitioners of any and all experience levels are encouraged, respected and welcome to attend.

Will there be a recording of the class for me to re-visit? 
All classes will be recorded and your registration fee includes a recording of the class so that you can refer back to it or listen to the whole thing to your heart’s desire, as many times as you want!

Am I going to have a chance to ask questions? 
Yes! These presentations will be half the meeting and the other half will be dedicated to practitioner’s questions from their time in the field. 

What if I have a technical issue? 
All technical issues should be directed directly to Zoom or to PLEASE familiarize yourself with Zoom beforehand, as we won’t be stopping to deal with individual technical issues and there are no refunds due to technical problems.

What are the technical requirements to participate? 
You need a computer or tablet that can handle video conferencing and a set of headphones. Make sure you have plenty of juice in both! 

Will I have access to the teacher via email afterwards for questions? 
This is up to each individual teacher, but hopefully for the most part yes, you will. 

Does this qualify for PACE credits
Pending NAMA approval, yes! I will keep you updated as to that process and its results.

Does this qualify for CE for licensed healthcare practitioners? 
At this time, no it does not.

2019 Upcoming Event Schedule

  • Dec 02, 2019, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM PST
    Zoom Live Stream Meeting
    What’s different if I’m working with a client who is dying? Visiting or working with clients in the dying process may present a challenge, but it can also be a powerful means by which we can do some of the work that needs to be done before we, or someone especially close to us, dies.

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