One of the original and pioneering providers of Ayurvedic products in the West, Banyan Botanicals was founded in 1996 by two visionary graduates of the Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico. Since then, Banyan has continued to innovate and raise the bar on not only the quality of what they offer but their ethical business practices, too. As a Certified B Corporation, they are committed to their employees’ wellbeing and the effect their business has on the environment. Thunderbolt Ayurveda has relied on Banyan’s herbs and oils since our inception and we couldn’t be prouder to carry some of our favorite Banyan products directly to you.

Points Of Interest

  • Supports sustainable herbal production, including ecologically friendly growing and harvesting techniques

  • Committed to fair trade relations and equitable treatment of farmers and suppliers

  • Emphasis on USDA Certified Organic herbs and products

  • Rooted in the wisdom of Ayurveda and formulated by Ayurvedic practitioners adhering to the best Ayurvedic principles