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Ayurveda helps the healthy person to maintain health, and the diseased person to regain health.
— Dr. Vasant Lad


+ 1. Take your life from ordinary to extraordinary

Ayurveda ("ayur" = knowledge / "veda" = life) is the complete science of how to live your best life. It is the instruction manual that guides you in the art of living in harmony with nature ~ both your own true nature and the natural world that surrounds you. Ayurveda provides guidance to all of life’s most perplexing questions, which may include:

  • “What in the world do I eat?”
  • “Why can’t I have regular bowel movements?”
  • “How much sleep do I really need a night?”
  • “Which exercise is the best type for me?”
  • “How can I manage my chronic disease holistically?”
  • “What is dharma and how do I live a life of purpose?”
  • “How do I turn my suffering into contentment?”

+ 2. Time Tested. Mother Nature approved.

Originating in ancient India, Ayurveda dates back anywhere from 5,000 – 10,000 years ago and has its roots deeply planted in the timeless wisdom of nature. The therapies and knowledge have been handed down from generation to generation through several fundamental texts, along with oral narratives. It is the most time-tested medicinal system on the planet and although certain therapies have gone by the wayside (cow urine is not quite as popular these days), the fundamental philosophy and treatments could not be more relevant for today’s culture, in which we are starved for true nourishment, true rejuvenation, and true spiritual connection.

+ 3. Eradicate disease at the root for long-term wellness

Each individual is a particular combination of elements, ingredients and experiences that will never occur again in all of nature. Because each person is unique, each manifestation of disease is unique, as well. And we each require a unique bouquet of diet, lifestyle and herbal recommendations to heal, eradicate disease, and reach our highest potential. Ayurveda not only recognizes this, but has a system in place to identify and address each individual expression of disease and imbalance.

+ 4. Receive support and healing specific and unique to you

Each individual is a particular combination of elements, ingredients and experiences that will never occur again in all of nature. Because each person is unique, each manifestation of disease is unique, as well. And we each require a unique bouquet of diet, lifestyle and herbal recommendations to heal, eradicate disease, and reach our highest potential. Ayurveda not only recognizes this, but has a system in place to identify and address each individual expression of disease and imbalance.

+ 5. Simple, actionable and sustainable

The therapies in Ayurveda are simple (but not always easy) adjustments to your current diet, lifestyle and habits that create profound shifts in your health and wellbeing. These are action items for you to do on a daily basis to empower you to take back your own body, mind and soul. And while daily habits make up a healthy life, Ayurveda does not require perfection or rigidity in its implementation. Rather, as long as you are spending the majority of time in the routines that keep you healthy, you get to do whatever you want with the outliers. Even the original, ancient Ayurvedists needed a day off now and again. Life is for living. Ayurveda can help.

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Ayurveda uses a variety of amazing therapies to help you, such as:



constitutionally and seasonally appropriate foods, healthy eating guidelines, food combining and more...


create beautiful and truly nourishing self-care rituals in the morning and evening, hold space for relaxation, establish routines around eating and mealtimes, develop regular cleansing practices, and more…

Herbal Medicines

capsules, churnas, teas, tinctures, medicated ghees and oils, and more…


learn how to begin and stick with a meditation practice that suits your needs and serves you well…


elevate your current asana practice (or get one started!) to prevent and address not only physical pain, but imbalances in your mind and spirit as well…

Sense Therapies

you are not only what you eat, but what you see, hear, touch, and smell. Learn to use your senses to bring you towards balance and health... 


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+ Testimonials

“When I met Leah, I had already been through years of doctors telling me my symptoms were just related to stress. I tried everything - medications, vitamin regimens, coffee enemas, vegan diet, juicing, yoga every day, acupuncture - but nothing helped; in fact, things continued to get worse. Within the first month of practicing Ayurveda, my symptoms significantly resolved. Additionally, I had answers with solutions and a proven path by which to continue my healing. I’ve been practicing Ayurveda with Leah’s guidance for almost 2 years, and I am healthier and happier than I’ve been in decades. I highly recommend making the investment in working with Leah - it’s truly a journey like no other.”

-Anonymous, Nashville, TN

"Leah is an exceptional counselor. She is incredibly bright and carries a beautiful , ego-less wisdom that immediately puts a person at ease and allows him/her to open up to Ayurveda's full benefit. There is no pressure and individual pace is completely respected. I treasure our sessions!"

-Kori, Franklin, TN

“Through the last few years, I had tried piecemeal options for "problem areas"; a bit of dieting, some exercise, sleep aids, etc. Nothing stuck, except the problem. Ayurveda guided by Leah changed all that. The balance I am finding in all life areas is amazing and truly life changing. Leah is a well educated, experienced and intuitive guide. She finds a personalized path for each client that moves at the right pace for you. Enjoy the journey!”

-Kyle, Nashville, TN

“I have been working with Ayurveda and Leah Kaplan for over a year now. My "old" self, who was always looking for the quick fix, would say, "You're kidding right? Over a year and you're still not finished? Then it must not work." Oh but it DOES! My old self just didn't realize what changes were needed.

My story with Ayurveda won't resonate with everyone. One of the things that makes Ayurveda so powerful is that it meets the needs of each person who is working with it. For me, I needed to learn to appreciate "the journey". I needed to find joy in the everyday "humdrum" activities that are required to live, instead of rushing through the days trying to get to the "next big event or success". Here's the sneaky part about my journey through Ayurveda - I had no idea that this was what I needed to learn. I thought it was all about what foods to eat and which herbs to take. But Leah Kaplan knew the truth. She didn't try to "teach" me with lectures. She taught me by providing activities, routines and suggestions on bringing beauty and satisfaction to all my senses.

Sometimes it felt like such a struggle. I'm not sure why. No individual change was hard, but I've been pretty set in my lifestyle and mindset for a long time. Somehow Leah always responded in just the way that I needed. There was no judgment - at least no judgment from Leah. For the first time in my life, it was safe to tell the absolute truth, both to Leah and to myself. Leah's acceptance and help without judgment is teaching me to not judge myself. This has been one of the most powerful results of this work. You can read books and websites, take online tests, and follow generic recommendations for eating for your dosha. But Ayurveda is so much more. Working with Leah Kaplan has taught me so much that I didn't even realize I could learn. Leah offered many insights; wonderful questions that made me take another look at myself and my perceptions; and many times simple suggestions that I simply couldn't see until she offered them to me. But she is also teaching me by example to treat myself the way I have tried to treat others all my life - with care, understanding, a lack of judgment, acceptance and love.

This will probably sound silly and trite, but my days are so often filled with laughter now. I take a few minutes each morning outside with my dog and find myself chuckling as I watch her chase after some insect. I catch myself rushing around, not paying attention, accidently missing a doorknob or a step. Instead of being irritated or embarrassed, I find a delighted bubble of laughter crops up as if I'm watching an old Three Stooges clip. I can't tell you why. I can only say that it is so wonderful to find joy in this universe instead of constant irritation, judgment and worry. Does Ayurveda take away all your troubles? Of course not. But it does change the lens and the focus through which you view difficulties and problems.

As I'm re-reading this, I realize that I have not once referred to the reason that brought me to Ayurveda and Leah. My diet and lifestyle brought me to some significant health issues. I'm a work in progress, and for the first time in many years, I know I am capable of creating new habits. Do you have any idea how good it feels to know there is hope? After years of failing at diets, I am finally sure that I'm capable of change. I'm so looking forward to continuing this journey. There's no telling what new lessons lie ahead for me. I wish everyone could experience the journey they need. It's a transforming experience.”

-Susan, Murray, KY

"Ayurveda is a great love in my life. I began to see Leah a year ago for a multitude of issues such as anxiety, depression, mood swings, and female issues such as fibrocystic breasts and painful cramping during my cycle. When I started my journey, I felt hopeless that my condition may never change and also spiritually isolated. Leah has been my person. She is an authentic woman and very skilled practitioner. It is rare that you find a healthcare professional that cares, listens and knows how to guide you through the process of health transformation. Leah is that rare gem and her knowledge, experience and guidance have revolutionized my life and led me back to a place of balance. Ayurvedic remedies and routines have given me relief from all the issues that I was having. I can’t say enough good things about Leah! I just trust her completely."

-Sara, Johnson City, TN

“Leah is attentive and compassionate. She created a beautiful and soothing space to see her patients. She explains the principles of Ayurveda well and suggests gradual lifestyle adjustments that are doable and even pleasurable. She helped me improve my digestion with some herbs and lifestyle changes and advised me on introducing some routines that help me be calmer and more resilient.”

-Tatiana, Williamsburg, VA

"Sometimes the work we need to do in life is not enjoyable. The work we need to do for ourselves is some of the most challenging, uncomfortable, and painful work we will do. But it is some of the most valuable and worthwhile work that needs to be done. Leah holds and creates a space where I am not afraid to dive in and do the work. She listens without judgment, mentors, motivates, and compassionately challenges me in the journey called Ayurveda. While I have only been practicing Ayurveda a few months, I already feel a huge change within myself and how I handle myself in the world. I love how the practice looks at a person from a whole perspective- the body, mind and sprit, and when treating symptoms I feel like we are getting to the root of the problem creating lasting change."

-W.R. Nashville, TN

“I always felt that the solutions to my common problems lies in Ayurveda and the best way is to treat the root cause. I am so happy to have found Leah and I have been with her for almost a year. She is very patient, non-judgmental and helps you to incorporate Ayurveda slowly in your routine. I am very happy with my journey with her in Ayurveda."

-Neha, Nashville, TN

"In working with an individual therapist as a result of having a history of an eating disorder that recently transformed into exercise addiction, my therapist recommended I work with Leah to explore how the Ayurvedic perspective could support me along my journey. I had little knowledge of what Ayurvedic medicine was prior to meeting with Leah and truthfully was terrified of the perspective that "food is medicine." I was initially skeptical, however, I was willing to give anything a try to restore my health and to develop a healthier relationship with my body and overall self. I have worked with Leah for several months now and she has been exceptionally patient, kind, flexible, inspiring, and supportive of me. We have taken things slow and steady to achieve self-discovery and success, and with Leah's guidance and professionalism along the way, I have implemented many changes into my daily life that have helped me to balance my doshas, thus creating harmony emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. I am grateful that my therapist recommended Leah and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to find greater happiness, peace, wisdom, and love in natural ways."

-Anonymous, Murfreesboro, TN