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The Collective

by Thunderbolt Ayurveda

A seasonal subscription service that includes recipes, tangible tools, workshops and more

Sit back and relax.

The Collective is here.

The Collective does the heavy lifting for you. We think ahead so you don't have to.

Time flies and before you know it, another season is over. Stay present and mark the passage of time. The Collective reminds you to take a deep breath, orient yourself in the year and stop letting your life pass you by.

The Collective offers mindfulness without being too serious. And it answers the most important question of all:
what's for dinner?

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Your Membership Includes:

To sum it up, The Collective is a really fun way to make mindfulness, wellness and community a part of your year.

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Hear from a Member

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Bolt Box

Seasonal Grocery List

Seasonal Recipe Cards

Digital Recipe Collection

Ayurveda workshop

Periodic emails with helpful info to support your season

Digital access to all class recordings

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"The Collective provides the inspiration and gentle guidance I need to live in tune with the Seasons."

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Sarah L.

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