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Registration for The Collective: Spring 2021 has closed, but join us for the summer!
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Welcome to The Collective, a new seasonal subscription service from Thunderbolt Ayurveda. 


A few months back, I started noticing something... 


There is not much to look forward to. We all feel disconnected from ourselves and from our communities. We are often struggling to keep up with our self-care. And everyone is very bored of cooking and eating their own food. 

There is just generally a feeling of, well, meh. 


And I thought: I can help. 


If I know anything about Ayurveda, it’s that Ayurveda is the opposite of meh. Ayurveda helps us live our lives to our most present, mindful and joyous potentials. It’s a science dedicated to self-actualization and perfect health. It helps us be more creative, healthy, and authentic. 

From recipes, to tangible tools like oils and spices, to guided yoga and cooking videos and more, The Collective is here to help you embody the wisdom of Ayurveda with mindfulness and delight.

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Your membership includes:

1. The Bolt Box

The Bolt Box is over $100 worth of products to support your season, like candles, crystals, churnas, and more, delivered right to your door.

2. Grocery List & Recipe Collection

The Collective is here to empower you with the best Recipe Collection designed specifically to transform your diet and kitchen every season.

Come cook with us! 

  • 12 week-by-week recipes, so you don’t have to constantly answer the question, “what’s for dinner?” all on your own

  • Grocery List to get you out of your food comfort zone, limit your grocery overwhelm, and spice up your cooking life

  • Cooking videos, photos, and tutorials to match the recipes

  • Digital versions, both PDF and print-ready, of all the recipes and grocery list

  • Printed recipe cards and grocery list included in your Bolt Box

3. Live Ayurveda 101 Classes


Ayurveda 101

The Collective Exclusive

Deepen your self-study, have some fun and level up your lifestyle with these fun and interactive monthly events. Don’t worry if you can’t make it live (we know you’re busy), the recording will be available for download, along with all the materials.

1 X month | Sundays | 2-3pm PST | Zoom Meeting

4. Live Yoga Classes

The Collective Exclusive

The Collective’s yoga classes focus on being seasonally appropriate and accessible to all levels. Experience Leah’s unique blend of Ayurveda-infused creative sequencing and join your fellow members for class, twice a month. Recordings are available all season via the website.

2 X month
Tuesdays 7:30-815am PST
Thursdays 5-6pm PST
Zoom Meeting

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5. Community

Your membership includes a connection to a like-minded group of fellow humans trying to do their best, be their best, and have a little fun too. We provide the opportunity to engage and connect with your fellow members; you get to decide how much interaction you want. Whatever you decide, we’re still here for you and with you.

Bonus Access


Access to our private Instagram account where we host live Q&A’s with Leah, post tons of useful seasonally specific content, and host our video library, too! Plus, pretty pictures.


Resource Library: Leah’s favorite books, articles and videos about Ayurveda, Vedic psychology, yoga, and, of course, food! 

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